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This is incredible. This was done in unreal? Is there someone on the team I could talk to about this game? I want to make a game similar in spirit and environment, very different from this but with the magic and spirit of a lot of what was achieved here. I would love to pay someone to just talk to me for a couple hours about how to go about that. This is so special, I wonder what was needed to finish this that was not available to you? Either way, I really admire what you accomplished here, and I would just be so happy to support any one of the dev team members here in any way that I can. Thanks, I hope this message finds you well, - My e-mail is  Thanks for reading my message. <3

Nice Game
Nice game

i have set all the setting to low and i still cant run it so if you canf ind  way that would be amazing


me wow seen so many vids on this must be a great game! me press download.... it keeps on switching from 12 mins to 13 mins lol cant wait to play this game even though its taking a while to download but thats just my laptop ;D

This game was a joyous and colorful experience in my deep dark world of emotional anguish. Thank you for this pleasantry, and peace. Can't wait to see more.

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Sweet graphics

very nice stuff, i had fun! will post some criticism in my rating of the game to try and help the final product. i will ask, will the levels in the final game be less linear and more exploratory? just curious!

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Sweet game

This was a super fun adventure! I love 3D collect-a-thons, and am super happy with the amount of indies that are trying to keep them alive now. This has a lot of promise in both the world, and gameplay. It feels super fluid, and the environments are beautiful. Props to the developer, I can't wait to see more!

It was a pleasure to watch your lets play! Thank you for trying out the game and for the kind words. We are really happy to hear interest into the lore of the world as there will be plenty of secrets to discover in the full game :)

Thanks! Can't wait.


What a Gem of a game. I like the style of graphics and the overall gameplay but this was one of those games where I wanted to visit every where to see if there were any hidden secrets.

I did miss the feather on top of the coloumn about half way in but I did find the feather in the cave before the flight through the brambles near the end.

Great cut scenes as well.

Well done.


Thank you for the kind words Wobbly. The experience you had is exactly what we wanted people to feel so it makes us happy to hear that :) Sorry about missing the feather but well done on the rest! 


I had to have another play this morning and I think I got all the feathers and the little red wind chime in this video.



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Note: I started to write the comment below before the demo was updated.

A beautiful 3D platformer with lovely characters. My laptop isn't good enough to run the demo smoothly(i5-8250u, Radeon 530), but I couldn't resist finishing it after watching the opening cutscene. I've always had a hard time finding a game that can make me feel either relaxed or immersed; However, Soria is unique because it does both. I am excitedly looking forward to the full version! (You don't need to rush, though.)

Finally, my suggestion is that the transitions between Ask's different facial expressions can be more natural.

Thank you so much for the kind words and we are sorry you couldn't play smoothly. Well done for pushing through, we hope the update does help you if you wanted to try it again. The facial animation feedback has been noted, glad to report that things are already set in action to change them going forward :)


This game looks cool! But I need an Android port! I want to play this game sooooooooo badly, like reaaaaaally badly! Please!

Thank you HarrazZZ! Unfortunately at the moment there are no plans to put the game on mobile. 

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Thank you! You've played both our games on video so you may be our biggest fan haha!


Such a cute, fun platformer. I must see more. If you ever release this game on steam or consoles it's a must buy from me. 


Thank you for the kind words. We love how quickly you got to grips with the gameplay, you stormed through the final part! We're impressed


quick question I noticed more moving parts at the top of the final area, but check out the cleared area first which happened to be the final cutscene area. Was there anything past those final moving platforms?

To put your mind at ease, those moving platforms just lead to another feather :)

NOOOOOO.... i thought it would of. Ugh i missed a feather. Anyways what do feathers do? 


This game is so beautiful I just had to include it in my favourite free games of the week! I cannot wait to see where this project goes!

The cutscenes are just lovely too!


Thank you again for the review, very kind :)


this game look beautiful it give me some vibe of a fantasy games and i really love them look cools good job is be in my top 10 game


This was a beautiful experience compared to some of the stuff I play on my channel.


Really nice game ! I love the ambiance and the peaceful music

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) 

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Thank you!!


Will it be possible to upload to game platforms like STEAM instead ?

Good question! Platforms like Steam are definitely something we want to explore in the future


Fairy tale graphics

Thank you we see that as high praise! And well done for completing the demo :)


I liked this demo looking fordward for more


So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing :)


nice looking 3d platformer. looking forward to more

Thank you Doomlaser!


Really awesome game! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check the video!


Hey thank you for putting us in your top 5, we're glad you enjoyed it so much :)

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Thank you for playing! Sorry to see it was lagging for you. We are currently working on adding graphics settings to allow more people to enjoy the demo


Wow actually one of the best indie games so excited for the full version :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for playing! We were all really impressed by your gameplay so well done!


Thank you really appreciate it :D


This is absolutely the best Indie 3d platformer I've played and it's only a demo I'm so stoked for the full release already. The game is visually appealing, super wholesome, reminiscent of Banjo Kazooie, and it's just amazing. my full play through here: 


Hey, thank you soo much for your praise, we're happy you liked it and thank you for the video (^_^)


Thanks for making the game and responding! super excited for the full release! :D